EuroMold BRASIL 2020 - Fair of Mold Manufacturers & Tools and Design

EuroMold 2020 Show DateThu, Aug 13, 2020 – Sun, Aug 16, 2020 (TBC)
EuroMold 2020 Show LocationConvention and Exhibition Center Expoville

EuroMold Brasil 2020 Objective

The EuroMold Brasil is an international trade fair for moldmaking and tooling, design and application development, which takes place every two years in Joinville. It is the Brasilian sister of the EuroMold in Frankfurt. With this step EuroMold reacts at the economic developments of recent years and the rapidly growing Brazilian demand for tools and moulds as well as design, engineering, visualization and simulation.

The main objective is to open particularly European exhibitors and visitors the way for the Brazilian growth market and thus pave the location Europe. The internationally oriented EuroMold Brasil is exclusively available for trade visitors and offers a unique fair concept linking the product areas along the process chain from design to prototype to mass production. This exhibition sees itself as a communication platform for the presentation of products and innovation for decision makers in this industry and generates unforeseen synergies in terms of process optimization and increased efficiency in the field of product development. Special topics and special shows on topics such as solutions for developing techniques and modern forms of production round off the show offer perfectly.

EuroMold Brasil 2020 Features

EuroMold BRASIL 2020 is a unique event on which the tooling makers, manufacturing engineers, industrial designers and of engineering, product managers, buyers and executives of all large industries will gather to unfold and to share the most recent advances in mould manufacturing and product developments.

EuroMold BRASIL brings together exhibitors and visitors from the entire process chain that are interested in business in Brazil and South America. With the location Joinville EuroMold BRASIL is located in the center of Brazil's moldmaking and tooling industry. The industrial city and the state of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil benefit from continued rapid economic growth and enormous investment activities of domestic and international companies.

EuroMold 2020 Focus

EuroMold is an international trade show for mold, pattern-making, tooling, design, additive manufacturing and product development.

This event is oriented and focussed towards users in areas such as the automobile, sub-contracting, electric and electronic industries, household appliances, medical devices, consumer goods, air and space travel and leisure and sport.

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